iOS 6.0 Turn by Turn Navigation – a Quick Review

September 18, 2012

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I’ve been using iOS 6.0 on a test iPad for quite a while. Just by chance, I decided to take it with me on a road trip. I was pleasantly surprised to find out the following features/enhancements:

1. Directions are cached when they are downloaded. This means that when my iPad is at home and I’m getting directions, the directions will work just fine without any cellular data or wifi when on the road. This was a real surprise as I never thought to use the iPad for navigation without any data access.

2. The Maps navigation screen now becomes your lock screen when navigating. This is a HUGE improvement as far as I’m concerned.  The days of having to constantly hit the iPhone screen to wake it from sleeping while driving and using the iPhone as your GPS are now over!

When you are using the Maps navigation feature, the iOS device will now show the navigation screen complete with turn by turn voice directions as your lock screen the entire time.  Not only that but the smooth map scrolling  and the slick UI transitions make hardware GPS units look like last week’s meat loaf.

All in all, I am more likely to use the iOS6 GPS and Turn by Turn Navigation over the hardware GPS unit thanks to these real improvements.

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